RCA Voyager Pro 7 Review

voyager 7 pro review

Cell phones are a great tool. Cell phones do much more than make phone calls. They are good for games, looking at funny cat videos, and social media. Even though a phone can do all of this and more, most screens are too small to enjoy your entertainment truly. That is where an Android tablet is helpful.

Compact tablet

The RCA Voyager 7 Pro can definitely do this for the user. Its 7” screen is large enough to watch that movie, but it is still small enough to not be in the way. It can fit in many purses and even some pockets. It fits in a backpack with room to spare. A phone would do that too, but why use up your phone’s battery? A tablet can do that, but that is not all.

Android OS

Sure, there are other operating systems, but they usually make the computer or tablet cost a lot more. The Voyager uses Android, and that means I have access to the whole Google Play market. I actually prefer the Google app store over any of the app stores. Other companies do not have as many free apps and, more importantly, apps I would like to use.

The Android OS is an open source operating system, and for those that know how to code can make their own apps. Then it is easier to get it onto the app store. If you want to do this with other operating systems, it can be a bit of a challenge. There are so many reasons to use Android versus one of their competitors, but the ease of use is the primary one.

The RCA Voyager comes with Android Marshmallow 6.0 installed. This version gives you much more control over the appearance of the interface. I do not know how high I can upgrade the OS, but I am perfectly fine using something that works. Android has made plenty of decent changes to Marshmallow that I am happy.

RCA Voyager Pro 7

Nice Folding keyboard

It has been a while since phones have had a keyboard. Touch screens are excellent, and the RCA Voyager is a touch screen tablet. I am not trying to take away anything from that, but sometimes typing with two thumbs is not very effective.

A keyboard is helpful

Carrying around a laptop can be a real pain sometimes. They are heavy, and a laptop bag is generally needed. While a laptop is meant to be portable, it is not very likely that it is as compact as the RCA Voyager. Their keyboard can be used for instant messaging, for Skyping, and social media. What makes it even better is that the keyboard can help with schoolwork.

There are word processing apps for Android that can be easily installed with the 16GB onboard storage. Additionally, when pairing the RCA Voyager with a MicroSD card, there is no need to worry about storage.

RCA 7 inch tablet with keyboard

The mini keyboard is excellent for typing. One can be much more productive with a keyboard versus just using their thumbs. Another great thing about this keyboard is that it is more than only a keyboard, it is also the Voyager’s case.

More than just a keyboard

The Voyager closes like a laptop which keeps the keys from being pressed. It also protects the Voyager’s screen. This makes it easier to throw it in a backpack or a purse and not worry about the screen getting scratched. The keyboard is not one of the kickstands. That is one of my favorite things about this keyboard.  It adds a few extra ounces, but the benefits of having a hinged keyboard outweigh the added extra weight.

If you do not feel like holding those extra few ounces or have no need for the keyboard, the tablet can easily remove the tablet from the case. Removing the case makes the tablet even more portable and more comfortable to hold. So, if you feel like reading an e-book, you can merely remove the tablet from the case then lean back and relax.

The RCA Voyager can be removed from its case very easily, but not so easily that you have to worry that the table will fall out while it is being moved or transported. It can also be clicked back in just as fast. The tight grip is wonderful and makes me feel more secure. The hinge keeps the tablet in an upright position, and as long as I do not press to hard on the screen, basically pushing the tablet down, the screen stays in the position I put it in. 

RCA Voyager 7 Pro

Keep in touch

In a world of social media, the phone is king. But having an extended video chat while holding a phone can be annoying and tiring. The RCA Voyager has a forward facing webcam. This is a great thing because the keyboard can keep the tablet sitting upright on the table or a lap while keeping the camera facing you. To do this with a phone, one would have to balance it on something and risk the phone falling over. A phone cost much more than the RCA Voyager, and the phone is not as convenient as this RCA Voyager 7 with its keyboard case.  Anytime, I want to send a quick email, I no longer reach for my laptop, I grab my RCA Voyager tablet and use the keyboard to compose that email and send it out.


This tablet is not as powerful as a full-fledged laptop, but that is not what the RCA is for. It is a tablet. Still, that does not mean that the RCA is not robust. This tablet has a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor. That means that this tablet is as powerful as many mid-level cellphones. With 1gig of ram, there should be no issue watching videos.

This tablet is not meant to replace your Android cellphone, but it is intended to supplement the abilities of your phone. If your phone can be used as a hotspot, you can take this tablet anywhere. There are also so many stores, including grocery and shopping centers that have WI-FI. The 802.11 lets you connect to via WI-Fi and stream. This can be a lifesaver, or maybe save your kids especially if they like to annoy you while you are shopping. It may not be a smart thing to have them look at a screen while walking around, they might bump into something and break; not to mention that they could hurt themselves. Still, this tablet is small and fast enough for shopping trips or even car rides. The battery may not be the best, but thankfully there are decent car chargers too!


The Voyager has WI-FI which makes it easier to connect to your home WI-FI network. But WI-FI is not the only wireless connection that the RCA Voyager has, the tablet has Bluetooth built in. This gives you the ability to connect your tablet to a Bluetooth speaker. So, if you are using the Voyager for a chat using something like Google Duo, you can connect your wireless speaker to the tablet and listen to your conversation louder. I am not saying that the speakers are poor quality but having your audio a little louder is not always a bad thing. And for those conversations that you want to keep quiet, you can connect a Bluetooth headset to your tablet.

The look

I ended up having to buy a few of these tablets. Not because I wanted to, but because I wanted my kids to stop stealing mine. To be able to tell the tablets apart we got different colors. I got the standard black one because, as my kids put it, I am boring. They got purple, purple paisley, and blue. These colors make it easier to tell the tablets apart.

Telling the tablets apart is not the only thing that is good about the colors. The colors just look sleek. The colors are not dull, and my daughter is not embarrassed by looking boring. It did take my kids a while to be able to decide which color to get. Besides them being indecisive, RCA did not make it any easier for them to choose because of their eight colors.

My Last Two Cents

For a budget tablet, this is the way to go. It is powerful enough for video calls, movies, and not to forget the games. You could get a more powerful tablet, but you would be spending a lot more. Even if you got a tablet just a little bit faster, you could pay nearly twice the price. This tablet is great enough for my needs, and the keyboard is excellent. I can recommend the Voyager 7 Pro without reservation.

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