Best Business Tablets to Replace Your Old and Bulky Laptop

Tablets have been dominating the gadget industry since 2013, with estimated overall unit sales of 227 million compared to the 315 million combined sales for desktop PCs and laptop. Its lightweight characteristic powered by the latest processors that rival the performance of standalone laptops, not to mention the competitive price tags, make tablets the ideal companion for business operations. No matter if you prefer a Windows, iOS, or Android operating system, there certainly is one tablet that suits your daily needs. Below is a roundup of the top six business tablets this 2015.

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review

Microsoft’s latest Surface Pro release is the talk of the town, rivaling with Apple’s iPad Pro. Its tech specifications are definitely eye candy for those who want to switch to the more convenient tablet without compromising a laptop-like performance. The Surface Pro 4’s main competitive advantage is its high-resolution screen and a type cover that is sold separately.

  • CPU: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Camera: 8 MP rear, 5 MP front-facing
  • Storage: 256 GB

2. Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro Review

Diverting from its usual 10-inch display, the iPad Pro is the biggest Apple has ever made. Its 12.9-inch screen is perfect for split-screen tasks. The keyboard cover and the pencil stylus are optional accessories but would certainly make your life easier. Battery life is extended to 10 hours, although the storage capacity is quite a disappointment compared to its rival models.

  • Apple A9X
  • Graphics: Integrated
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Camera: 8 MP iSight rear, 5 MP front-facing
  • Storage: 32 GB

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

It’s thinner and lighter and the slimmest among the Android tablets available in the market today. The 9.7-inch display supports 4:3 viewing at 1536 by 2048 pixel resolution. The memory card expansion slot compensates for the 32 GB internal storage capacity. Battery is on an average level, averaging 5 hours. The Galaxy Tab S2 features Samsung’s trademark Super AMOLED screen and the fingerprint sensor.

  • CPU: Samsung Exynos 5433 octa-core (1.9 GHz quad core and 1.3 GHz quad core)
  • Graphics: Integrated
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Camera: 8 MP rear, 5 MP front-facing
  • Storage: 32 GB

4. Dell XPS 12

Dell XPS 12 Review

Featuring sharp, crisp 4k display, the Dell XPS 12 is noticeably a spin-off from Microsoft’s Surface Pro line. The detachable keyboard dock is highly usable and is all ready included in the retail price. To maximize the tablet experience, users can also purchase Dell’s Active Stylus for on-screen note taking. The processor is slightly inferior to other brands, though it would suffice for web browsing and occasional document editing. The Dell XPS 12 can also handle mid-range games, as long as there are no heavy programs running on the background.

  • CPU: 1.1 GHz Intel Core m5
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 515
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Camera: 8 MP rear, 5 MP front-facing
  • Storage: 256 GB

5. Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Review

Typical of Sony Xperia is the sleek surface design. The new Xperia Z4 tablet is water resistant, which is great for outdoor use. The new improved user interface looks like a hybrid of laptop and Android tablets. Unfortunately, the only available variant is the 32 GB. This tablet can do basic digital office like email and document writing. Some users have reported problems with the UI, which may be attributed to the its smartphone-like processor and graphics.

  • CPU: 2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, 64-bit octa core
  • Graphics: Adreno 430
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Camera: 8 MP rear, 5 MP front-facing
  • Storage: 32 GB

Buyer’s Guide

While you are given a summary of the best business tablets this year, it is still important to know the most important considerations before buying your next gadget. Remember that at the end of the day, everything will be based on your priority whether it is functionality, style, or price.

  • Storage. If you are looking to use the tablet for business purposes, you might want to up your preference to at least 64 GB to 128 GB internal storage capacity. Regardless of the operating system, manufacturers would still allocate 5 GB to 10 GB for the default programs. It is also helpful to back up your device with an external memory card to prevent system lags. If you have a lot of smaller files to stash in, consider subscribing to a cloud-based storage facility.
  • Screen. How big of a screen would you need to accomplish tasks? Are you conscious of the resolution quality or other features like split screen with stylus compatibility? Most tablets today have a standard size of 7 inches or 8 inches, with the largest on the 11-inch mark. Frequent video calls and other heavier tasks such as document editing would require at least a 1280 by 800 pixel resolution screen. Larger tablets can support the 16:9 aspect ratio, while the smaller ones are recommended for 4:3 viewing.
  • Battery life. In comparison to laptops, tablets have shorter battery life that can on an average up to 7 hours. High-end models like the Nexus 9 and iPad Air can sustain 10 hours of continued use, although this is still subjective depending on the programs you are running. Some tablets have a built-in power saver feature, which puts the system in hibernate mode when not in use. Frequent gaming can also affect the longevity of the battery.
  • Performance. Choose a processor that is just right for your needs. Speed is measured in hertz, so the higher the number is the better option. Also consider the RAM capacity. RAM is basically the computer’s brain, which handles short-term memory every time you run a program. Applications operating simultaneously consume most of the RAM.
  • Operating System. While it is always best to upgrade to the latest version of your operating system for added functions and security features, the device’s hardware capacity may not be able to support it. Newly-released tablets are expected to have the latest OS versions.

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