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Best Laptop and Tablet Backpack

So you’ve got a nice laptop or tablet. The best way to keep it that way is to ensure that you have an adequate backpack or carry device. With that in mind, here are our top 6 best laptop and tablet backpack list.

1) Envoy Backpack from Jansport.

Now, you can make the most of your digital life with the Envoy Backpack from Jansport. It proudly features a dedicated top loading laptop pocket (15 inches), it has cord storage, it includes a deluxe organizer, pockets for water bottles, as well as it also includes really nice soft lined tablet pocket. Then, you also got to enjoy its accessory pockets in front, its tablet sleeve that is tricot lined, back panel that is padded, and most of all, the Envoy Backpack from Jansport includes an ergonomic s-curve shoulder straps.

2) Digital Student Backpack.

Now, you can definitely protect what is essential and important with this JanSport Digital Student model. With its efficient removable 15 inches laptop sleeve, with its organizational storage all throughout, included with dual water bottle pockets, then this essential backpack is built to go everywhere. The Digital Student Backpack from Jansport features its fully padded back panel, with its handle that is web haul, a couple of big major compartments, its convenient side pocket for the user’s water bottle, with its dedicated storage pocket for your external cords, with its ergonomic s-curve shoulder straps, included an efficient dynamic electronics organizer with its sleek stretch fit pockets and tablet sleeve.

3) The Right Pack World Backpack Collection.

This Right Pack World Backpack Collection takes you everywhere around the world like in Brazil, Africa, Mexico, China, Japan, and many others with its colorful prints as well as its patterns inspired by different cultures from around the world to take you anywhere. Each and every backpack boasts of its legendary Right Pack Suede leather bottom and its internal 15 inch laptop sleeve.

4) Hatchet Backpack.

The JanSport Hatchet Backpack is bringing together all the outdoor influences with its sleek and edgy conventionality, this backpack boasts of an adaptable sleeve manufactured in order to accommodate a 15 inch laptop or a 3 liters water or hydration system, pockets for water bottle, tablet pocket and a deluxe organizer panel.

What Customers Say about this Backpack:

“This backpack is very cute. The Navy/Multi Meadow print is a beautiful watercolored floral. In fact, I wish they sold more backpacks in that pattern. HOWEVER, the backpack is not the best quality. I ordered it, used it for 2 days and the loop at the top frayed right out of the seem. I have always had Jansport’s and like them so I thought it had to be a fluke. I ordered it again and it did the same thing. The U-shaped zipper is also incredibly annoying and if you have anything in the pockets on the flap, you can’t load or unload anything from the main compartment. It holds a good amount but not as much as I need (laptop, two small paperback textbooks, notebooks is about all it can hold). Apart from the fact that it was damaged very easily, I really did try to love it. It ended up being returned (twice) and this was after a long, frustrating experience with Jansport warranty and new purchases”. – by College student with a huge course load

5) Digibreak Backpack.

This classic SuperBreak Digibreak backpack features 15 inch laptop sleeve, soft tricot lined tablet pocket, and a completely padded shock absorbing bottom in order for you to protect your electronic gadgets.

What Customers Say about Digibreak Backpack

“I have the black version and the flowered version of the digibreak. The phone is so easy to grab without opening a zipper. The soft pocket is great for an ipod and headphones. I take mine everywhere, including the gym, shopping, walking. I own several Jansport packs (8), and the digibreak has everything you could ask for except a water bottle holder. I recommend this style heartily.” – by Hedimach

6) Platform Backpack.

With its sleek design as well as its digital storage capacities, this makes the platform backpack model very fitting and suitable for any daily grind. It features an internal 15 inch laptop sleeve, double water bottle pockets and padded 10 inch tablet.

What Customers Say for Platform Backpack:

“I have used this for high school and I am quite disappointed I must say. The quality of construction is good and the straps are really nice, but the big problem is its bad use of space. The two pockets up front, the vertical pocket on the left and the one with the L-shaped zipper are impractical. They are both completely empty. The large compartment will just barely hold two average textbooks and five notebooks. If you stuff it like that you might find that the covers of your spiral notebooks will rip.” –from a Guy with overloaded backpack

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