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Boogie Board Tablet – What is it & Why You Must Know?

So What Is A Boogie Board Tablet?

There are so many tablets on the market these days, the boogie board tablet is one of the hundreds available. The boogie board tablet is a little different to most. It’s basically an electronic notepad, it’s cheap, it’s a paper alternative & It’s fun to use for kids and adults alike!

Let’s tune back the clock a little. Boogie board tablets are not the new kid on the block. They have been around since 2009. Kent Displays, their parent company were the first company to introduce to the world the first reusable writing table using liquid crystal technology.

Well hello, Boogie Board! The ultimate aim of this product is to “Improve the way people communicate, learn, play & work”. I can see they have achieved all of that!

A boogie board tablet is a best-selling reusable writing tablet with an 8.5inch screen. It is perfect for writing down ideas, lists, reminders & playing games.

It’s so easy to write, use the included stylus a pen or even your fingernail to write or draw. But make sure you keep it Clean, I will show you the best ways how HERE

Boogie board tablets were originally aimed at children, they are strong, responsive & easy to use. Please note they are NOT waterproof and are intended to be used indoors. Ideally away from drinks too. That aside, they are great for adults too!

From a safety point of view. The boogie board tablet, the case and the writing surface are all made of high impact plastic. All the components are made from plastic too, a high-grade ABS plastic commonly used in many other consumer products.

What Technology Does A Boogie Board Tablet Use?

The boogie board tablet contains a bunch of liquid crystals. Trillions of them actually.

It’s like an LCD monitor, it just doesn’t have pixels. This means that it doesn’t require a heap of power and you’ve got to write or push the crystals around to get an effect on the screen.

When you write on the screen, you literally use no energy at all. So the battery lasts for ages. Years in fact. The only actual time the boogie board tablet uses power is when you eras the screen.

Back to the crystals. These are smushed between two plastic sheets. When at rest the screen is dark, but when you put pressure on it, the crystals flip up and the screen goes white. Your writing or drawing will look a natural white colour.

The drawing on the screen stays sitting there without power as there is a mixture of polymers inside too. To erase your design, you press the button which sends a charge between the plastic sheets and scatters the crystals. Boom. Ready to draw again.

This technology is hugely environmentally friendly and minimises so much paper.

Pros & Cons Of A Boogie Board Tablet

The cons of this awesome little product are also the pros, you’ll see:


  • Cheap (Check price here)
  • Strong & Well Made
  • Simple, Distraction Free
  • Environmentally Friendly


  • Simple, little options to upgrade
  • Not waterproof
  • Limited functions


Boogie board tablets are inexpensive, practical and well made. They are an experienced company making a solid product.

Buy one if:

  • You want a durable, fun reusable drawing solution for your child
  • OR, you want an environmentally friendly note-taking device that doesn’t break the bank.

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