Boogie Board Tablet – What is it & Why You Must Know?

boogiee board tablet

So What Is A Boogie Board Tablet? There are so many tablets on the market these days, the boogie board tablet is one of the hundreds available. The boogie board tablet is a little different to most. It’s basically an electronic notepad, it’s cheap, it’s a paper alternative & It’s fun to use for kids … Read more

How To Clean A Tablet Screen

how to clean a tablet screen

I love my tablets. In fact, my friends often refer to me as a “tablet-oholic”, if there is such a thing. In this article, I will show you the best ways how to clean a tablet screen Now we all know it is absolutely impossible to keep a tablet screen clean, our fingers are dirty, … Read more

LeapPad Ultra XDi Review

leapfrog kids tab review

The LeapPad Ultra XDi is one of the most popular tablets designed for kids by the company LeapFrog. Parents nowadays are having a hard time prying their children from the family tablet computer and the only time that they would have the chance to use it is when the child is fast asleep. And here … Read more

LeapFrog Epic 7″ Android-based Kids Tablet

Enjoy the extremely exclusive LeapFrog learning games

  Now, there is a unique and eye-catching tablet for your beloved child. LeapFrog launches its LeapFrog Epic, the most state of the art Android-based children’s tablet, which is awesomely designed to develop with your kids made especially for perennial learning and artistic and fun play. Access its extremely exclusive LeapFrog learning games, love its … Read more

Apple iPad Air 2 Review

ipad air 2 review

  Having a well-made tablet can open a completely new world of possibilities for the consumer. The best tablet models have HD screens that rival the quality of the best home entertainment systems and they offer ultra-fast web browsing and a whole host of features and functions that make the device extremely versatile. For a … Read more