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Dragon Touch X10 Review

Dragon Touch X10 Review – Powerful 8-Core Tablet

Tablets come in either fast or slow; there is not always a middle level. One thing that I can say with no reservation is that Dragon Touch X10 is definitely on the fast side. The reason that the Dragon Touch is so fast is that it has an 8-core processor. Before I cover the specs for this great tablet, I need to tell you a little more about how great she runs. The battery is powerful enough to not only power these eight cores, but your entertainment for hours.

 The display

The Dragon Touch X10 is called the X10 because the screen is 10 inches big. Not only is this a nice size for a tablet, but the images also look fantastic on this tablet. It is not an edge-to-edge screen, but that is okay. The way I see it is that a little border is a fantastic place for my thumb to rest while I am streaming TV. It has a 178° wide view angle with outstanding colours.

It is, of course, a touch screen.

This would not be a tablet if it were not a touchscreen. The touchscreen is very responsive. It has 10-point multi-touch technology. With the ten touchpoints, the screen is more accurate. You can draw with this tablet, but the limitation would be the stylus. Stylus technology has not kept up with tablet technology, so that is a bit of a drag.

Dragon Touch X10


To connect to the Internet, the Dragon Touch X10 uses 802.11b/g/n4. Having a fast wi-fi receiver in your tablet helps you take advantage of high-speed internet. This is not just at home, but where ever you take this portable tablet with you that offers wi-fi.


This table is about 11 inches by about seven inches. This is a small package for such a powerful tablet. It is only half an inch thick. With a tablet this size, you can throw it into a backpack or a medium-size purse. It only weighs about two pounds, so you would barely notice it there.

TabletX10 10.6 Tablet
Internal Storage1GB+16GB
Operating SystemAndroid 5.1 Lollipop
ProcessorOcta-core 2.0 GHz
Camera5.0MP rear camera and a 2.0MP front camera
HDMI PortYes
ConnectivityWi-Fi, BT 4.0
Dragon Touch X10 Connections
Dragon Touch X10

Uses for this tablet

Like other tablets, the Dragon Touch can be used for many uses. From making video calls to reading, this tablet has the power to carry you to the end.

Video calls

In a world where people would rather send a text than a call, the tablet has emerged from the minds of developers and engineers to give you the chance to make a video call. With the two-megapixel camera front-facing camera, the Dragon Touch will allow you to speak to a person and see them at the same time. There are some excellent pieces of free software to make these video calls.

Some people buy a much more expensive tablet that does not use android, primarily for their speed and to make face to face calls. Save yourself the money and get a tablet that can do the same thing for much less. With free software, you can call loved ones or have meetings and almost feel like you are there.


All work and no play make using a tablet really dull. There are many fun things that you can do with a tablet. One of my children’s favourite things to do is binge watch almost anything. It can be a great way to keep them out of your hair. It can even be a much cheaper babysitter. While this is not the preferred method, to take care of my kids, it sure is helpful during long errands. If I need them distracted, I just tell them to stream something.

Dragon Touch X10 Review
Dragon Touch X10

Streaming cat videos

Who does not love a good cat video? There are also strange videos of people doing strange things. With this tablet, you can easily watch videos online. Just connect to the internet using your fast wi-fi and connect to one of the video sharing sites and watch to their heart’s consent.

Watching movies

In the day and age of cord-cutting, watching television online is much easier. Many television streaming services can give you and your kids plenty to watch. The great thing about streaming services is that there is no contract. You can jump from platform to platform. The Dragon Touch tablet is an Android tablet. That means that the apps are free; there are still costs for the monthly services, though.

The Dragon Touch tablet is fast enough to keep your movies playing as long as your internet is fast enough. With this tablet’s wi-fi connection you do not have to worry about the movie buffering because the connection to the router is not stable.


There are so many things out there to watch that there is not enough time left in the universe to try and watch everything, but that does not mean you cannot try. People love to share videos about their lives. These can be videos of their kids, but more than likely they are videos about their cute animals. These might be on social media, but it is still possible that you are sent a link or an email with the video. No matter how you access these videos, you can be sure that the Dragon Touch will help you stay entertained.

Social Media

There is not much to say about social media. You log on, and you scroll. But when those auto-play movies do not play it is pretty annoying. But when they do not play because your system is too slow to stream, it can be downright excruciating. When you use the Dragon Touch, you can be reasonably confident that any buffering issue is due to the internet and not your system.


Have you ever played a game against someone and lost because your phone or tablet froze up? I know that it aggravates my kids, and as long as I do not have to admit it to them, it aggravates me as well. I used to tell my kids that a lagging game is not a big deal, that games are not everything. While I still believe this, I know I’m not too fond of a lagging game. I know I cannot play a game meant for a gaming computer, but some game apps still hog a lot of resources. With having an octa-core processor the chances of that are very minimal.

Dragon Touch X10 Gaming
Dragon Touch X10

There are a few fighting games out there that are pretty resource-intensive but with the eight cores and the one gig of ram I have not had any issues in my virtual fights.

People spend a lot of time behind some kind of screen, and a lot of time is wasted. If you want to waste time and maybe burn some brain cells, do it using the Dragon Touch X10 tablet. Your games and movies should not buffer if you have high-speed internet. Since this tablet is so portable, you can carry your distraction with you everywhere you go; well that is if electronics are allowed.

A few other uses

There is no limit to what the internet can provide, and it is not all about those pesky cat videos or even streaming a movie. You can do a few productive things using productivity apps from the Play Store


It sucks, but people have responsibilities. It is not all animals acting like humans or humans acting like animals. It means that people have to work. Another great thing about this tablet is that it has Bluetooth. With Bluetooth, you can wirelessly connect a keyboard to your tablet and use a word processor and type your paper away.


E-books are great. Not only are they cheaper but they weigh a lot less. That means books are now more portable. So, that is another great thing about the Dragon Touch, it can help you save money and your back.


One thing that my kids do that I do not think much about is streaming music. I have not done it, but I can say that I have not heard many complaints about music streaming. I am thinking that it is because there are no buffering issues. I asked, and the kids agreed.


The Dragon Touch X10 is not expensive, but it is powerful enough you would think that it should cost at least twice as much. The tablet is comfortable to hold, and with its wide-angle viewing you can be sure to be able to watch your stories anywhere; the battery is powerful enough to last you hours. I can recommend this tablet, and I will probably buy a few of them for gifts.