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How To Clean A Tablet Screen

I love my tablets. In fact, my friends often refer to me as a “tablet-oholic”, if there is such a thing. In this article, I will show you the best ways how to clean a tablet screen

Now we all know it is absolutely impossible to keep a tablet screen clean, our fingers are dirty, and they produce oils naturally. So even after the best hand wash, you will still need to know how to clean a tablet screen after using it.

how to clean a tablet screen

3 Best Ways How To Clean A Tablet Screen Quickly

These are my 3 top ways how to quickly and effectively clean your tablet screen.

  1. Microfibre Cloth: I love microfibre cloths. They are effective, can be thrown in the washing machine after use and are super quick. I make sure the cloth is clean, then blow hot air from my mouth and give the tablet screen a rub in a clockwise direction. Use more hot air and quickly wipe again across the face of the tablet. Please note, that the cloth must be clean before starting.
  2. Windex/Glass Cleaner: It’s easy to forget that cleaning your tablet screen is like cleaning a window. They are both glass and most households have a glass cleaner. Use a rag or microfibre cloth too and again, make sure the cloth is clean, spray the cloth, not the screen. Then use a clockwise motion with medium-light to medium pressure on your screen until it is clean.
  3. Screen & Electronic Cleaning Wipes: OK, I know most of us are busy these days. When you have little time and want a quick, effective solution, Try Screen Wipes.
how to clean a tablet screen

Time To Clean Your Tablet Screen!

6 Tips To Keep Your Tablet Screen Clean

  1. Always clean the tablet screen when it is cold and off. It is so much easier and more effective when the screen is cold. You can also easily see the reflection and your progress.
  2. Keep Microfibre cloths clean by putting them in the washing machine with your clothes. Simple and no excuse here.
  3. Clean you your screen daily! It is so much easier to do and you will love using your tablet so much more.
  4. Wash your hands! As well as being hygienic, it makes your tablet usage so much more enjoyable.
  5. Don’t eat whilst using your tablet, ok, I am a sucker for having a bowl of potato chips whilst using my table. But, I try and wipe my hands before touching my screen.
  6. Don’t talk over it. Yes, it’s gross, but when we speak small bits of spit come out. Have a conversation and then look at your screen, gross. Put your tablet away from you before starting a conversation.


Clean your tablet screen and clean it often. It makes for a far more enjoyable user experience, it is hygienic and above all, your table looks and feels great.

Try Screen Wipes for the ultimate way to keep your tablet screen clean!

Check them out HERE 🙂