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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review

The Microsoft Surface Pro is an impressive series of transforming tablets that come with the processing power and functionality of a laptop as well as the ability to disconnect from your keyboard and use it as a tablet. Marketed as the tablet that will replace your laptop, the Surface Pro 4 is year another impressive machine produced in the Surface Pro line.

What makes the Surface Pro 4 better than its predecessors?

The short answer: Just about everything. While Microsoft has always touted the Surface Pro line as the tablet to replace laptops, they’ve been slow to catch on. Many experts believe the Surface Pro 4‘s improvements have made this the tablet that will finally make good on Microsoft’s old promise, truly replacing the laptop.

And now for the details: The first visible improvements when you boot up the Surface Pro 4 are minor adjustments made to the home screen. The Windows button is gone, giving you more empty screen space, and the whole design is just a little bit slimmer to give you room all around. And the Surface Pro 4 has an incredibly high resolution of 2,736 x 1,824.

The second upgrade you’ll notice is the new mechanical keyboard. This is far punchier and more responsive than the old plastic keyboard. It also comes with a 40% larger glass trackpad packed with the latest Microsoft Precision Touchpad tech. For an extra layer of coolness, the keyboard is also backlit.

If you’ll be using the Surface Pro’s tablet function a lot you’ll be enthralled by the upgraded Surface Pen. The bottom features the standard functionality of a stylus but it also comes with a button on the top that functions as an eraser— it even feels like one when you use it!

The top button on the Surface Pen can also be clicked once to open One Note and twice to take a screenshot. And as if that wasn’t enough, they’ve put a magnetic strip in the stylus that attaches directly to the side of your tablet so you’ll never need stylus loops(or replacements) again.

With an impressive 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity and Microsoft’s PixelSenseâ„¢ screen this tablet also creates an incredibly realistic drawing sensation, you’ll fall in love with. You might never want to draw on paper again!

Spec Options

You have three different power options for your Surface Pro 4: an Intel Core m3 processor(typically priced around $1,200, an Intel Core i5 processor for around $1,700 or an Intel Core i7 processor for roughly $2,100. Microsoft is giving customers who pre-order the Surface Pro 4 the option to customize other specs as well, including the overall amount of memory.

The Verdict

The Surface Pro 4 is the best transforming tablet you can buy today, with all the power you would ever need from a laptop and all the convenience of a tablet. If you’re thinking about making a significant investment in your next laptop or tablet purchase, you can’t go wrong with the Surface Pro 4.