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Vuru A33 8GB Quad Core Touchscreen Android For Kids Review

Vuru A33 8GB Quad-Core Touchscreen Android Tablet

Once in a while, we would get an offer we couldn’t resist. In this case, it’s a tablet that fetches for a very low price, so low that our suspicions get triggered. But all of the features are there; It’s kid-friendly, excellent compact size of 7 inches for the screen, dual cameras, and even pre-installed with the basic apps. Not to mention that it comes in several colours.

However, this is where we possibly should inspect the quality a little bit more closely. The mentality is that, if something is expensive, then you know they spent on quality, b but when a product is cheaper, then there must be something wrong with it.

Not always the case, however. We have found products that would be truly affordable and yet satisfy our standards. Those are products we look out for; the good buys. Only after scrutinizing the features and offerings of the product should you decide if it really does fit the bill for a good buy.

The Vuru A33 Tablet would suit a child’s needs possibly because of its 8GB internal storage capacity. The tablet is also good for adults alike, as the only difference would be that on a child’s tablet you would download and set up parental controls. Vuru has pre-installed apps, but they are in the form of Skype, Netflix, Google Play and Chrome, which, with the exception of Netflix and Skype, are pretty much standard in most android versions. This one runs on Kitkat.

The Vuru A33 also claims quality materials in the making of these tablets, making it ideal for children and adults alike. The 8 GB internal memory may not satisfy a lot of grownups that use lots of social media or memory-hungry applications, however, and the 512MB RAM may not be fast enough for a lot of applications.

The size of the tablet is convenient. 7 inch tablets are small enough to fit a woman’s handbag and even people’s pockets. Yet they are big enough for you to view the screen with ease. This unit will also work in the absence of wifi, as it is compatible with 3G. The way the tablet is being sold is as a kid’s tablet, where children don’t have much demand for performance and speed, however. But it would be the perfect size for small hands to handle.

Again, the fact that you have both wifi and 3G options for internet connectivity is convenient, as whenever wifi is absent, you can rely on your data plan to connect to the internet outdoors. The device is indeed designed for communication, having pre-installed Skype, and equipped with dual cameras. No doubt that that was the purpose of such arrangement.

If you’re concerned about the 8GB storage capacity, the memory is expandable. Should a child indeed use this, there can be enough space for a lot of videos and photos. It is presumed you can expand the memory up to 32GB.

As I’ve mentioned in the beginning, when a product is as low priced as this one, you’re not paying for a high-end or feature-rich model. The low RM and storage space for this device is not satisfying for adults, so it’s safer to say, this will be better for kids to use. Install a parental control app on it like Zoodles, and you’re good. It’s a useful kids’ tablet, no doubt.